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“Stepping” Up Our Headstock Offering With the New Step Design

“Stepping” Up Our Headstock Offering With the New Step Design
April 12, 2017 Kevin Tully
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Dang! The boys down in production have been “stepping” up their game! We’re excited to announce a new headstock shape that has been receiving lots of approval over on our IG account. We’re calling it the “Step” due to the way the 3-D design steps down towards the bottom edge of the headstock.

The main color of the headstock will continue around the sides of the headstock and down the back of the neck. The “step” portion will have its own color which will continue as a binding stripe around the top edge of the headstock. See the image above as an example.

Like all Moniker headstocks these will feature the tilt-back design.

Of course, you may have seen this idea on other brands of guitar but the fun part about our version is the ability to choose the two colors that make up the headstock. In the configurator, the primary color will be selected using the “Headstock” category. The step portion of the headstock can be customized under the “HS Step” category.

Available Models

Step headstocks will be available on X Series models for the Zuma, Anastasia, Dixie and Reedsdale ES models.

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