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Moniker Podcast Ep #1: Rick King of King Sound Studio

Moniker Podcast Ep #1: Rick King of King Sound Studio
May 15, 2017 Kevin Tully

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing producer and engineer Rick King of King Sound Studios. Rick is a hilarious guy who clearly has spent a lot time and effort thinking about his approach to engineering, working with bands, and finding great pizza.

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We first met Rick through our sales and artist rep Steve Flynn. Steve’s band, Nominee, recorded with Rick at his studio in Paducah Kentucky. Where? That’s exactly what Steve thought when his band made the trek from Austin to meet Rick. However the experience was so great that we had to get Rick on the phone to share with you what he’s up to in the Quilt Capital of Kentucky.

Disclaimer: Rick is also the proud owner of a beautiful custom Moniker Reedsale DC that he designed for the studio.

Show Notes:

For more information about Rick, please go to:



The intro song is “Anthem” by the band Hit The Lights.


We reference Rick’s interview with the podcast Noise Creators. Check out that interview and more at:


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