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Podcast EP 02 – Ask A Luthier with Mason Mansfield & Joseph Daniel from the Powell Brothers

Podcast EP 02 – Ask A Luthier with Mason Mansfield & Joseph Daniel from the Powell Brothers
June 8, 2017 Kevin Tully

Episode 2 has two guests for you!

First up we have our head of production at Moniker Guitars, Mason Mansfield who will be answering questions about guitar maintenance and building submitted by some of our Instagram followers. However, Mason is FAR more than just a luthier, he’s a story teller. He takes us on some journeys through the early days of learning to build guitars with some stories you won’t want to miss. Go to Monikerguitars.com for more info on guitar maintenance.

Second we Joseph Daniel, the bass player from the Houston Americana/Country band The Powell Brothers. We talk about what its like to play a rodeo with Willy Nelson, the band’s new album, and eating fried cheesecake.

Check out the Powell Brothers at http://www.powellbrothersmusic.com/

Scroll down to listen to the podcast.  But first…

512 Brewing Company is sponsoring the podcast!

We’re super excited to welcome 512 Brewing Company to the podcast. We love their beer and the fine folks at 512 here in Austin TX. 512 is Independently owned and distributed organic craft beer since 2008. Drop-in Open House Saturdays noon to 4pm. Go to http://www.512Brewing.com for more.

Now… on to the episode!

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