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Guitar World Reviews the Moniker Neptune Guitar

Guitar World Reviews the Moniker Neptune Guitar
June 18, 2017 Kevin Tully

Our friends at Guitar World recently reviewed our new guitar model the Neptune. Editor Billy Voight made the audio demos below with the Black satin version of the Neptune we sent him.

The Neptune was designed to be a large bodied Gibson-inspired shape that is light weight with its chambered design. The chambers not only reduce weight but they add resonance. The review mentions that “even unplugged, this guitar is loud.”

“The most striking part of the guitar are the contoured lower bouts.¬†Those large contours along with its 6 in line headstock shape make the Neptune an interesting blend of elements inspired by both Gibson and Fender. As Billy writes, “Moniker compares the body to an ES-335-style guitar. This comparison makes sense as far as dimensions go, but with the contours, it plays and feels much like a Strat.”

He goes on to say that “The body and neck are finished in satin black, making it easy to navigate up and down the neck.

Read the entire review at GuitarWold.com

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