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Railway Gamblers Release “A Way in the Wind”

Railway Gamblers Release “A Way in the Wind”
July 5, 2017 Kevin Tully

Matt Fricks, a Moniker Guitars artist and guitarist of Railway Gamblers, shares with us some details on their new record “A Way in the Wind,” as well as the gear used during recording.

The record strictly uses Matt’s Moniker Zuma for all of the guitar tracks. There are three lead/rhythm tracks that features the main descending riff, one subtle clean rhythm track that matches the piano progression, and one higher gain lead track that appears during the crescendo / solo at the end). The album was recorded at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago, IL. guitars were tracked through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp with Boss Digital Reverb / Blues Driver / Chorus Ensemble pedals, a TC Electronic Spark Mini Boost, and the Wampler Ego compressor.

Matt gives us a look into his inspiration behind the record:

“I really wanted to highlight a couple distinct areas of the guitar tone – one of them being that jangly, somewhat-80s side of the Railway Gamblers sound. The inspiration behind this came from two of my big influences: Johnny Marr of The Smiths and that riffy, melodic side of Keith Richards.”

“The standard chord progression follows a simple G to C pattern during the verses and a G-D-C-C during the chorus. For the first two-thirds of the song, I didn’t want to step all over the other instrumentation. It was all about texturing the guitars.”

“In fact, there originally wasn’t supposed to be the huge lead guitar at the end. We listened to the track and our singer, Brendan, told me go back to my booth and try to add a higher lead part. Those bends and that guitar crescendo – nothing was planned. Everything was improvised in one take. The guys just felt that the song needed this totally raw punch to cut through everything else. So I cranked on some gain and it ended up meshing so well with what we already had recorded.”

“We dragged out the first full-band scratch track to leave room for ‘something’ at the end. Turns out, that ‘something’ ended being a big lead guitar feature with the Zuma.”

Make sure to check out Railway Gamblers new album “A Way in the Wind,” and catch them at a show near you this summer!

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