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Forever Starts Today Releases Video for “Optimist”

Forever Starts Today Releases Video for “Optimist”
July 7, 2017 Kevin Tully

Forever Starts Today, a local Pop Rock sensation from Austin, Texas, recently premiered “Optimist” a single of their upcoming record “Always Hope” which will be released by Third String Records on August 25th.

Troy, a Moniker Guitars artist and guitarist of Forever Starts Today, plays a custom white Reedsdale with a rosewood fretboard and Seymour Duncan pickups. He even has a custom graphic of his “Super Troy” logo by the tailpiece to add extra personalization to his axe of choice!

Watch the music video for “Optimist” NOW on YouTube:

Troy gives us a quote on the new record:

“If you listen to our new record, you will hear that we draw inspiration from everyday life. We tackle a wide range of topics on Always Hope, but it can really be summed up by saying, ‘This is what it means to go through life in your 20’s, in today’s world.’ We didn’t shy away from any of the more intense topics either. We hope that in doing so we can help provide some listeners with a sense of sympathy or empathy and the feeling that they aren’t alone in whatever they are experiencing.”

You can pre-order Forever Starts Today’s upcoming album “Always Hope” and find them playing live at a show near you!

Pre-order “Always Hope” here.

Connect with Forever Starts Today:

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