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Podcast EP 04 – How The Pros Would Market Your Band

Podcast EP 04 – How The Pros Would Market Your Band
August 12, 2017 Kevin Tully

On today’s podcast we’re joined by two marketing experts to learn how they would market a band. Brandon Gredler is a marketer at T3 and Phillip Johnson runs product and marketing for

We focus on three things that most bands already have; social media, a website, and an email list, and the pros provide tips on how to use them effectively to grow your band.

This episode is part 1 of what will be a 3 part series. We start by forming the best fake band ever called Funnel Cake. We answer the question “what is marketing?” and talk about how Funnel Cake will use social media.

Parts 2 and 3 of this series will focus on websites and email lists.

Thanks for listening and hope you can put some of these tips to work today for your music project.

Support for this podcast is provided by 512 Brewing Company.

Show Notes

The song “Tongue Tied” was provided by Moniker artist The Wild Now.

Buffer – One of the social media tools we discuss here for syndicated posting is Check it out. It’s a real time saver.

Affinio – Probably not for anyone on a tight budget but Affinio could be a way to quickly identify new fans and grow your base.

AARRR metrics frameworkLearn more here.

We’ve also included a helpful AARRR metrics guide below.

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  1. Dan 7 months ago

    Awesome podcast, it’s hard to find good marketing advice for bands starting out, can’t wait to hear from the rest of this series.

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