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60 Cycle Hum Calls the Rival Series a “Tone Monster”

60 Cycle Hum Calls the Rival Series a “Tone Monster”
December 13, 2017 Kevin Tully

Ryan from 60 Cycle Hum reviewed one of our new Rival Series guitars for his YouTube channel and absolutely loves it!

We sent him a Turquoise Rival with Seymour Duncan Antiquity Duo Sonic pickups knowing that Ryan is a fan of single coil pickup guitars. He had nothing but nice things to say in reviewing this guitar.

Watch the video above to see his reaction and hear the guitar in action.

Here’s where it got really interesting!


Ryan told us that his audience was really interested in the Rival and he had several questions about how it sounds unplugged with the chambered body.

That prompted him to do a follow up video in which he played a Rival, unplugged, alongside a Fender Strat and an SG. What a cool idea!

The Rival is definitely louder and sweeter sounding than the other two guitars when played unplugged. Those chambers really resonate.

The Rival Series features a chambered body that adds resonance to the guitar and warms the tone.

Learn more about the Rival Series, watch more videos and start customizing your own here.

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  1. Steve 5 months ago

    Appreciate the video and the whole ‘acoustic’ thing but…. Most want to hear it plugged in not acoustic. Anyone who thinks that how it plays acoustically is the true benchmark in how its going to sound plugged in is simply wrong. You should have at least finished the video showing the comparison to it plugged in. A shootout plugged in is a VERY good idea. A few friends who I jam with thought the same thing. The ‘perception’ is with an acrylic top & maple body its going to be thin in tone and bright (plugged in). Just curious as to why you chose Acrylic instead of an inexpensive wood to keep the cost down. I’ve never heard that acrylic adds to helping tone vs keeping costs down. Not trying to be critical. I’ve looked at your site more than a few times and glad to see someone tying to do something different.

    • Author
      Kevin Tully 5 months ago

      Appreciate the feedback. You saw the video above where it is plugged in right? We didn’t make the videos but thought it was a cool way of showcasing the guitar differently. Thanks for acknowledging that we’re trying something different. If it were all about cost savings, we wouldn’t take the time to chamber the body the way we do or offer name brand pickups. We are trying to keep costs from getting crazy in order to offer a sub-$1k guitar but its not the only driver. We liked the acrylic top because of the color options but we have done a wood top version and will continue to bring those along soon. Thanks again for the feedback and for checking us out!

  2. James 5 months ago

    I’m saving my money for a rival… I really like the quarter pounder pickups. Not sure what color yet. I’m in between the yellow and salmon (not sure what that color is). You have a great product and I’m excited to own one in the future.

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